Work Begins on the Baby

February 25, 2009 0 comments | Updated November 25, 2020

Written by Cindi Gay

Rug hooking the baby's hand
You see a lot of holes from pulled out hooking in this area.  I am reusing a piece of backing.  I was able to choose different sections from the lightest wool to hook the fingers, adding a bit of the dark in between.  I was careful to keep the fingers short because I wanted his fingers curled into a fist.  This is the first time I thought about the sex of the baby.  Guess it’s a boy!

I hook the baby’s eyes using the same method I used for mom.  Hook the upper lash line with dark, hook the iris, hook the pupil, then hook the lower lid with skin color.  Fill the whites of the eyes and then add the highlight to give life to the face.

Rug hooking the baby's eyes in wide cut strips
The baby’s arm and face begin to take shape

Want to learn how to hook faces?

I am creating an online course that goes into a lot more detail. Watch me hook every stage of a face. This will be open for enrollment in Spring 2022.

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