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Occasionally I need to clear out the excess wool in my personal closet. This is wool that is usually an odd shape, that I cannot sell with my standard shaped wool.

Some are wools that I received last week, others are wools that might have been in my closet for almost 20 years and have long ago disappeared.

For 2020, I am adding off the bolt as-is textured wool at a discount price that includes shipping. I will state the prices at the beginning of the video.

Here’s how to Participate

  1. Download Zoom if you have never been to one of my Live! webinars before. Just follow the instructions when you register. Zoom’s registration process includes checking your device to see if you have the correct app.

You will never need to open the actual Zoom app. When you click on a webinar link in your reminder email, Zoom will open the app automatically.

The Wool Sale and the hook-in use the same link. We’ve run over several times and Zoom will only allow one room open at one time. Using the same room solves the problem.

2. Mark your calendar with the date and time and set up reminder alerts. There will NOT be a replay. The wool sale is usually held on the last Saturday of the month.

3. Zoom will NOT send you a reminder because registration is not required. Visit the Wool Sale link you receive in your email a few minutes before 2pm.

4. Watch as I show you the wool bundle and when you see a bundle you are interested in, enter 7 in the comments or chat section for lot 7. I will have the lot number somewhere behind me so you will always know which number we are currently looking at. I will be monitoring the comments and taking note of who comments on each bundle. The first comment does NOT guarantee you will claim the bundle.

5. I will use an app to get a random number. This number will coordinate with the comments. For instance, #1 is the first person who comments, #2 is the second person, etc.

6. Write down the number of the bundles you won & the price. You will need that later when you set up your payment.

7. Go to my online store. Check out and purchase the number of bundles you won. You can enter the wool bundle number(s) in the notes section of the checkout page (where you enter your address, etc.)

Because the margins are extremely tight, you cannot add to this order, but you can create a second order that I will ship separately or together, depending on how many bundles you order. I will refund excess shipping charges, if any.

If you choose to pay with a check, just choose the manual option. YOU STILL NEED TO CHECK OUT so I have your address information. When I receive the notice of your manual payment, I know the check is on its way. You will see my address several times during the checkout process.

6. Once your payment has been received, I will ship out your bundle. Any bundles unclaimed before the next event will be offered again. Note: All the bundles from the prior sales have been sold and paid for promptly. So if you see something you like, be sure to add your comment for a chance to win the bundle.

Wool Prices

I will be announcing the prices at the beginning of each wool sale.

If I need to ship to Canada, I will charge you the actual shipping costs less the amount I am budgeting for shipping.

Because buying wool by pounds and ounces can be confusing, I created a handy cheat sheet for you to put the price into perspective. You can see the wool conversion chart here.

My mailing address

If you are paying by check, just make your check out to me, Cindi Gay, and mail it to:

Cindi Gay
6988 Linwood Rd.
Pemberville, OH 43450

I do not offer Paypal on the wool sale checkout site. Stripe is a are online purchasing method. I never see your credit card number.

Warning: Unfolded wool

Due to the extreme discount on this wool, I will not be carefully folding it when I put it in the shipping box or envelope. Just dump it out when you receive it. If you need to freshen it up, just pop it in the dryer for a few minutes. I do not use softener sheets because they tend to leave a film on the wool.

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