What’s in your rug hooking tool kit?

June 15, 2021 0 comments | Updated October 30, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

Having everything you need in your tool kit is a comfort. Check out the video for a tour of my tool kit and the list below for a few items I missed.

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  • 00:00 The Pencil Pouch Purse Course. I make it without a handle for a toolkit. You can even make a detachable handle so you can use it both ways.
  • 01:09 How I use the pockets
    • Mesh Pocket
      • Room Key
    • Private Pocket
      • Cash (just enough for the vending machine, etc.)
      • Credit card
      • Small Notebook
  • Pen, My favorite is the Pentel Energel with permanent black ink, size 0.5mm
  • Main Pocket
    • 03:05 Hooks, everyone is different. Buy your hooks at a rug hooking event so you can sit and use them for a while. My favorite one is not a brand name and was hand made almost 20 years ago.
sugru to fix rug hooking hooks

Sugru tips: Keep the packets in your refrigerator crisper for more life. Wrap your scissors with plastic wrap before applying sugru to create the removable cover. Smooth and mold the surface with your fingers. Leave it all in place until it dries overnight. Use a paper towel to clean your fingers after smoothing. Use it all when you open a package.

  • 04:25 Offset scissors. Mine are 5″ but the 6″ are much cheaper and you will not miss the smaller size if you have never used the smaller ones before.
  • 05:23 Stuff to write with…
    • Black Sharpie Marker ( be sure it is NOT a regular Sharpie) See my Recommendations page.
    • Silver Sharpie or other gray marker. You need this for a value study.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is value-study.png
  • Correction tape
  • 07:44 Burling iron, tweezers on steroids. I prefer the brand name Chandlers. I use a burling iron to pull up the tiny cut ends of strips, to straighten loops and to get those stubborn summer slivers out of the soles of my feet.

    Don’t buy the cheaper ones with the curved tip. They are cheaper, but that is all they have going for them. If you are unconvinced about the Chandlers burling iron, they find someone in your group who is using this burling iron. Give it a test drive. You will quickly convince yourself, as I did, that they are worth it.

    Buying the cheaper burling iron will cost you more in the long run because you will still need to get the right one. You don’t need a burling iron often, but when you do, you want your tools to be the best.
  • 08:51 Nail file
  • 09:08 Tylenol, for when learning overload takes over
  • 09:17 Lipstick
  • 09:21 Breath spray or mints
  • 09:27 Finishing Measuring Tool available on my website. I sue this when I am adding my favorite finish, Fold Forward.
Cardboard used to measure how much backing to cut when you are finishing your hooked rugs.
  • 09:54 Needle case with needles. Don’t forget a small spool of thread!

Threading a narrow eyed needle can be tricky unless you know the trick!

Paper trick, thread a needle with a wool strip

Watch this older lesson to learn exactly how to do this. The tip starts at 04:39. This lesson is part of  The Rug Hooking Journey and you must be a logged in member to watch this video.

  • 10:37 A name badge
  • 11:00 Hand sanitizer

Items I missed

  • Bandaids or mole skin for sore fingers. I also like Liquid Skin.

Other tips

For rug camp there are a few other things, I pack that do not fit in my tool kit.

  • An extra cushion for the chair. My friend, Kim, even brings her own chair! You want to be comfortable. Her chair is a “rocker” that stays in place.
  • If the classroom and your hotel room are in different locations, then I add a few other things:
    • Umbrella. There is nothing worse than getting caught in a rain storm and your umbrella is at your destination, not with you!
    • A spare pair of shoes or slippers will also help you to avoid having to wear wet shoes all day.
    • Flashlight. After having to walk alone in the dark after reports of a rogue skunk I am sure that I always have a flashlight in my bag. You never know when you will get caught out after dark. Now with phones, you have one with you all the time. Just be sure you know how to use it.
  • Covered water/coffee/tea cup, something with a lid that will not spill if it gets knocked over.

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posted 6/15/21

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