Classes begin soon! You are not too late, even if you miss the first class. You have several opportunities to get your 4 consultations.


The next VOW class will be in the fall, beginning in October.

Look for the signup email in September. Be sure to join the waitlist to get notified.

Want to hear about VOW from the students?

Can I make up a session I have to miss?

Absolutely, each set of classes is set up with a sister class. You are free to attend all 8 classes. If someone is absent from their assigned class, there is room for someone to make up a session.

More Questions?

Time is getting tight. Please feel free to call me to see if this opportunity is a right fit for you. You do NOT need to start a new project. Existing projects are welcome. Got dye questions? That works too. Still designing a rug? Get the advice you need to make it a great rug.

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