Sunflower Garden Footstool Rug Hooking Pattern

February 4, 2014 0 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

This pattern is the most detailed of the sunflower footstool patterns. Use a small cut and bring out the details or stay with #6 – #8 and simply fill in the shapes with wonderful textures. This is a pattern you can adapt to your style.

Sunflower Garden footstool rug hooking pattern

Sunflower Garden footstool rug hooking pattern

The fence edges do not line up well on each side but you can blame that on my computer skills. I’ve been experimenting with this method to show you what the footstool looks like and most of the time it works, but if I cut the image off just a tiny bit . . . well, you get what you see above. When you are hooking this piece you will have to seam the sides and the hooking you do to fill in the seam can be used to make minor corrections. On the bottom border of some footstools, I left the strip hanging until after the seams were sewn, then I hooked another loop or two until I hit the seam. Next I threaded the strip through both layers of the seam close to the sewing so I could continue hooking on the other side. If you rip out a bit on the second side and continue hooking, you can really hide the tails. Stagger the edges and you’ll never know where the seams are!

Hook a dark background with a white fence, maybe one that needs a paint job. I hooked a white barn in need of paint using my birch bark wool. This piece was commissioned as a gift to my client’s father. The birch wool I used was a dry brushed piece with no hard lines, but you can use the standard birch wool as well. Cut the strips so that the lines on the wool go in the same direction as the strip. To hook a birch tree you would cut the wool so that the strips cut across the dark lines. For weathered wood, the dark lines will be along the strips instead of across it.

Claus Homestead rug hooked mat
Claus Homestead

Hook the center of the sunflowers with a textured wool that has light, medium and dark for a more realistic sunflower center or use fun colors and follow the fantasy lines drawn in the centers.

For those of you who really like details, add a few lady bugs or bees. Plant more flowers at the base of the fence or make Charlotte’s Web a bit more detailed. What about hiding a secret message there? Maybe Charlotte spins her webs with images of rug hooks or scissors.

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