Simplify Stair Riser Rug Hooking Pattern

July 18, 2012 2 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

Simplify stair riser rug hooking pattern
I finally finished (or so I thought) the Simplify stair riser. It did not dawn on me until the DAY AFTER I had it done (including sewing on the Velcro) that I used the wrong finishing method. I used my standard rug finish instead of the space saving finish I used on the other stair risers. Sigh. Now it does not fit. It is too tall.

Hooked stair riser pattern does not fit on stairs
And it looked so good there. Darn.

I need to decide if I will leave it as it is and use it somewhere other than on the stairs or to reverse it:

  1. reverse the whipping
  2. rip out the basting
  3. unfold the backing
  4. cut it off – again
  5. redo the zig zagging on the edge
  6. find some rug tape
  7. preshrink the rug tape
    1. boil with soap until water takes on color
    2. dump out water and refill
    3. repeat until the water says mostly clear
    4. hang it to dry
    5. iron it flat
  8. whip the edge while holding the rug tape in place
  9. sew down the backing (even though it will be covered, you don’t want it moving around and causing friction)
  10. sew down the other edge of the rug tape . . . .

OK, I’ve decided. It stays as it is. I think it will be simpler to hook another one. Ah yes, simpler.

See, I DO need the reminder.

Now to find it a home.

Another way to use a hooked stair riser
Stair risers work wherever they fit!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how I hung it up.

Have you hooked this pattern or one of my other rug hooking patterns?

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