Rug hooking creative stitches: Shagging

July 27, 2011 2 comments | Updated November 15, 2022

Written by Cindi Gay

Shagging, a rug hooking creative stitch

Today I moved my attention to the area in the lower right. Jane Halliwell Green does a technique called shagging. It’s related to proddy or sculpting. I’m not sure how she came up with the name, but it reminds me of shag carpeting so maybe that is it.

Adding dimension to a rug hooked piece
Add dimension and texture with high and low loops.

I hooked a double row like she recommends, but it was too stiff for me so I enlarged it into the entire lower right area. In a prior post, Hooking a Birch Tree, let the wool do the work, I began hooking in this area and experimenting with the technique. I add in loops of regular height using the wool for the path. I liked the shagginess of it.

Once I started trimming the loops, I liked the contrast of the wild part at the bottom. Time will tell if it stays. For now, I’m moving on.

Birch tree hooked closeup

I hooked more on the tree and sky, finishing the upper right area. I have not added any other wools. I continued to use the two spot dyes I dyed up earlier. Looks like it may be OK just the way it is.

I added a small patch of flowers behind the trunk of the birch tree. It helps to give the birch tree a sense of distance and it balances out the blue in the lower left. I hooked this using two #4 cut strips at the same time, twisting and turning them so the green and blue did not line up perfectly. I used two different greens and so far, two different blues.

Here’s what the whole piece looks like so far:

Hooked landscape progress

Get the pattern here.

Here’s Jane’s Video

Start watching at 2:08 for her instruction on Shagging.

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