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Rug hooking can be very confusing when you first start out. What equipment do I need? Or more like what do you NOT need! How do I do this, or that? You need someone who is always there that you can ask. I can help.

Join me for a Live! Lesson, online hook-in or ask a question during one of the Office Hours. Unravel the mysteries of rug hooking in one of my online courses — and make friends in the process.

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How to Rug Hook… The simple steps

Here is an example of one of my Lessons from The Rug Hooking Journey

July 3 Live lesson

I’ve been enjoying listening to your webinars on The Journey. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know after 35 years of Rug hooking. Thank you so much.  

-P. McCartt

Time needed: 15 minutes

Rug hooking is not difficult. It is very easy to learn, less than 1 minute to pull your first loop, then years to learn the finer points of rug hooking

  1. After stretching the backing on a hoop or frame, push the hook through the backing.

    Put the hook in where it makes sense — do NOT count threads!

  2. Scoop up the wool from underneath.

    Move the hook, not the wool. Wrapping the wool onto the hook will cause twists.

  3. Pull the wool to the surface and adjust the height of the loop.

    Pull it up as high as it is wide.

  4. Repeat a million times. You are now a rug hooker!

    Concentrate on pulling the loops up high enough and spreading them apart. Avoid overcrowding.

Make a rug hooked footstool – 2 ways

Annie's Flower Power rug hooked footstool
Annie’s Flower Power footstool

Build the stool yourself

This method creates a classic low footstool but it is time consuming and expensive.

Foam added to rug hooked footstool frame
IKEA Stool
wonky house

Cover a purchased IKEA Stool

Less expensive and a great way to prepare for the classic stool. Be sure to buy your stool BEFORE you join the course.

IKEA Stools

Follow along with other projects

Chalfonte Fantasy room sized rug

Room Sized Rug: Chalfonte Fantasy

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Named for the hotel in Cape May, New Jersey. I spent a lot of time on the Victorian porch. The porch support details inspired the main scroll. FYI: This project is still in progress. I’ve been rug hooking on it since Oct 2007.

rug hooked face - Southern Woman

Southern Woman

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This challenge was to hook a face using just three textured wools. I taught this class at Southern Teachers’ Workshop in 2009 and later in the Dayton area. If you have a finished project, I’d love to post it on this series!!

Hooking a border on a hooked rug

Woman with Baby

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After I hooked Southern Woman, I wanted to see which textures would work with darker skin.

The background is just two spot dyes. They are the same color, just two different values.

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