Rug Hooked Footstool – Adding the Foam

March 18, 2012 0 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

You gathered the materials, ordered the feet, stained them and built to box. Now you need to add the foam. I used the green high density foam because I think my older footstools have gone a bit flat. I’m hoping the higher quality foam will hold up better.

Spray glue used to attach foam to rug hooked footstool frameUse spray glue to attach the foam to the wooden box. You need just enough to hold it in place. I used a 3M spay glue for foam because I had it on hand. Just read the labels and get the glue that will work for you.

  1. Step 1 adding foam to rug hooked footstoolAdd the largest 1″ foam piece to the top. Attach with spray glue. You don’t need a large amount of glue on these pieces. The glue will hold them in place until your hooking can hold them in place permanently.
  2. Step 2 adding foam to rug hooked footstoolNext add the smallest one. Attach with spray glue.
  3. Step 3 add foam to rug hooked footstoolFinally add the medium sized piece. Attach with spray glue.
  4. Step 4 adding Soft and Crafy to the sidesTest fit the Soft and Crafty pieces in place.
  5. Step 5 add the final piece of soft and craftyWrap the largest Soft and Crafty across the top and down the sides. Arrange the small pieces so they reach up to meet the largest piece. Make of note of how they are positioned
  6. Foam added to rug hooked footstool frame
    Remove the foam and replace them as before using the spray glue to hold them in place. Give extra attention to the seams to be sure the Soft and Crafty foam is secure.

Make your own rug hooked footstool

Annie's Flower Power rug hooked footstool by Cindi Gay I have several rug hooking footstool patterns available. I am posting complete instructions (videos are still being edited) on how to build your own using simple 2x4s, plywood and foam. There is a complete cutting diagram for the wood and the foam. I also have instructions on how to finish your hooking so you can complete your rug hooked footstool.
Here are the list of instructions available so far:
  1. Footstool Construction Material List
  2. Footstool Feet - Where to Get Them
  3. Footstool Feet - Staining
  4. Build the Box
  5. Adding the foam
  6. Preparing the Backing
  7. Sewing up the Sides
  8. Upholstery and Finishing Touches

Missing something? Please let me know so I can make these instructions as complete as possible.

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