Room-sized hooked rug begins

April 2, 2022 4 comments | Updated July 1, 2024

Written by Cindi Gay

Room-Sized Rug
by Cindi Gay
Follow along on the Journey

Day 1: October 1, 2007

room sized rug hooking pattern by Cindi Gay
Center of pattern drawn on 200″ wide rug warp

This is the pattern design now. The borders will probably change as I go. It took me a full day to prepare the backing. I had to iron it because it was folded badly for a long time and some of the creases were quite sharp. Next I zig zagged the edges with my 1975 sewing machine that is in desperate need of an adjustment. That took forever. Then I traced the pattern onto red dot.

I only traced the center of the design out to the scrolls. I left off the borders because I will probably change them anyway.

Update Jan 14, 2018: The center of this design will be offered as a pattern in 2022.

Day 5

Day 5 closeup of rug hooking on room sized rug

Rug hooking on my room sized rug has gone fairly easy so far, but I did my home work before I started. I knew how the motifs hooked up and how all the wools worked together by doing several “study” pieces.

I am not satisfied with how the vine wraps over the center support. I will change it later if it still bothers me.

What I hooked in preparation of hooking the room-sized rug

I designed a stair riser, Queen Anne Rose, with some of the motifs that I wanted to use.

Queen Anne Rose rug hooked stair riser
Queen Anne Rose stair riser

Next I hooked a footstool, Square Pocketful, using more of this same color scheme.

Square Pocketful rug hooked footstool designed by Kate Porter, hooked by Cindi Gay
Square Pocketful rug hooked footstool designed by Kate Porter, hooked by Cindi Gay

Karen Kahle’s pattern, Antique Rose Runner, used lots of hit and miss, again in the same colors.

Day 5 closeup of hooking on room sized rug
Antique Rose Runner, Primitive Spirit

Next came another stair riser, Annie’s Scrolls.

Annie's Scrolls rug hooked stair riser
Annie’s Scrolls rug hooked stair riser

Finally, I designed a companion footstool, Annie’s Flower Power, experimenting with shapes and using the same color scheme.

Annie's Flower Power rug hooked footstool by Cindi Gay
Annie’s Flower Power rug hooked footstool by Cindi Gay

Day 005 roomsized rug all spread out

I took the rug downstairs. This was no easy task. The backing alone weighs 20 pounds!

I wanted to be sure that the rug was going in the direction I wanted. You can see my couch with the footstool in front of it. I am pleased with it so far. I am now very anxious to get it done.

Day 7 Rug Hooking the Rose

Hooking a primitive rose

I am not happy with the rose. I will try to hook it another way when I do another. For now, it will stay as it is. If I rip it out now, I will not have a record of what DOES NOT work. Knowing what does not work is often as important to know as what does work.

Antique rose basket rug hooking pattern

I don’t want it to look like a spiral. Here’s a version of a rose that I like better that I hooked years later:

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Day 10

Progress on primitive oriental room sized rug

I began hooking the scroll.

Day 35 Rug Hooking the scrolls

Day 35 of room sized hooked rug

The design of this scroll is based on the porch supports at the Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May, NJ. I fell in love with this hotel and the area the first year I taught at the Rugs by the Sea rug camp. It is held every year in September. There are two weeks of instruction offered.

Cindi Gay teaching on the porch at Cape May NJ rug hooking camp

I started the hit and miss that will be outside the scroll. I haven’t decided how wide to make this border, so I hooked it the largest I think I want to go. If I decide later that I want to make it smaller, I will just rip out — that will be easier that adding to the length. I started with one row of dark at the outside of the scroll and I felt the scroll was getting buried by the hit and miss. I increased the dark to three rows of the background color, making the outline more pronounced. I think this will work.

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