008 – Rug Hooking Cut Sizes Explained

November 21, 2017 0 comments | Updated December 13, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

Rug Hooking with Cindi Gay podcast

Episode 008

What do the numbers of cut sizes mean?

From 2 – 8 each number represents the width of the strip in 32ths of an inch. For instance, a #8 is 8/32, which reduced down to 1/4.”

front of rug hooking cut size sample
rughooking cut sizes back of sample

How to find a group in your area (and the benefit of finding one) (03:42)

Start with one group even if it is hours away. Call them and ask if they know about a group between you. Call that group…. You get the idea. Most groups are aware of the next closest group. Be prepared to drive a distance, usually about 90 minutes. It is work the effort!

Pros and Cons of the different cut sizes available in rug hooking (12:50)

rug hooking cut sizes explained pdf download
rug hooking cut sizes explained pdf download

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I talked about rughooking strip cut sizes during one of my Live! Thursday Rug Hooking Lessons. Watch the replays or join me Live! Office Hours Tuesday at 4pm eastern every week. Youtube videos will be posted twice a month..

Here’s another one from my Youtube channel:

Get the PDF file

rug hooking cut sizes explained pdf download

Rug Hooking Cut Sizes Explained

Here’s a list of cut sizes by manufacturer.

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