005 – Beginner rug hooking equipment

October 31, 2017 0 comments | Updated December 8, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

Rug Hooking with Cindi Gay podcast

Episode 005

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Rug Hooking Frames

  • Hoop
  • a simple embroidery hoop
  • weighed down with a bean bag filled with coins
  • picture frame wrapped in cloth, use t-pins to hold backing in place
  • might want to join a meeting, go to an exhibit or workshop to see what everyone is using
  • ask around
  • I currently recommend the Needleworks frame

    call 1-860-283-8534 or info@theneedleworksshop.com. Please tell them that Cindi Gay sent you

  • Hand made frames are usually “good enough”, and “good enough” is all you need to get started


  • Cheap hooks are available, usually under $10, but not optimal, Hobby Lobby
  • Expect to pay $40 – 75 for a good hook
  • Watch out for pretty
  • Shank size – size does matter
  • make your own
    • crochet hook
    • cut to length
    • polymer clay

Rug Hooking Backing (aka Foundation Cloth)

  • No substitutes here
  • Order on my website (recommended backings)
  • other backings
    • monk’s cloth
    • burlap

Scissors for Rug Hooking

  • small blade scissors, the type they sell for back to school
  • not dress maker scissors
  • later you will want offset scissors

Rug Hooking Wool

  • recycled, but the quality is not the same
  • get a full color plan – all the wool you need and only the wool you need
  • buy at workshops, exhibits, etc.
  • very few stand alone rug hooking shops
  • most wool is bought online – trust your source
  • Visit my online rug hooking store

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