Rug Hooking Supplies Recommendations

Stands will be coming back…

I just don’t know when.  My son who lives near New York City makes them for me.  He has to schedule vacation time that blends with his demands at work and then once he gets here, e have to have time in the schedule for him to make them.  

Contact me at to let me know you want to be on the waiting list.


Rug Hooking Frames


I use a Puritan frame but they are not being manufactured now. If you can find one used for about $100, that is a good deal. Add in the stand I make and you have the full package.


The currently made floor frame that I recommend is Needleworks. Be sure to get the floor frame and the floor stand.

Acadian Rug Hooking Frame

The Acadian rug hooking floor stand and frame

Click here for a PDF with information about how to buy.


I prefer a hook with a wide shank but they often cost more than $50. Here’s a great beginner option.

Black Sharpie Markers

These markers ARE suitable for fabric and color fast up to hundreds of degrees. They won’t run when we steam the rugs. They have lots of ink and do not run out quickly. These are the ones I use every day to draw patterns.

I just ordered the Amazon Permanent markers since the Sharpie Pros have become harder to find recently. I’ll test them and post the results video here. -Cindi 4/11/21

Make sure the markers you buy DO NOT look like these:

“Gray” Sharpies for Value Studies

Colored Markers

I you need to add colors, be sure to use ones that are recommended for fabric and will still be permanent at high temperatures. You do plan on steaming your rug, right?


My favorite for writing in my journal, 0.5 in black. I love this pen because it is permanent. If you write a check the writing cannot be washed off, it is archival so your journal entries do not fade.

According to Amazon, I’ve bought this 5 times…..

I used to use a Flair marker to transfer my patterns from paper to the red dot, but discovered that these pens work even better and I always have them around.

The permanent ink pens cost a bit more, but if I grab a pen that is laying around to write a check, I want to be sure it is a permanent pen. Regular gel pens can be easily erased. I did this by accident several years ago when I left a check in my jeans pocket. The check survived the washer, but the ink did not. To my horror, I ended up with a blank check from my customer.

I use the 0.5 version for my journal writing. I use these wider ones for headings or for emphasis.

Citric Acid


If these are sold out, click the link above to go to Amazon. Then search for Tim Holtz scissors. I use the 7″ scissors.


Whipping Needles

Finishing Rugs

Do it Yourself

Here are my best instructions.

Members of  The Rug Hooking Journey can download a 14 page PDF for free. If you want to buy just the instruction PDF, you can buy it here.

For hire

Barbara Viscomi

I’ll be posting pictures soon

Phone: 586-337-1827Email: alpacabarb@christelbcomcast-net

$16 per foot, includes a label


I prefer rug warp.  You can buy it at my online store.

Here’s an old article about rug hooking

Ipad Accessories

Screen Protector

This protective cover not only protects your screen from scratches, it makes the surface of the ipad feel more like paper when you use the Apple Pencil.

Ipad case

This is the case I use to protect my ipad and my pencil. When the pencil is in its special slot, it is also charging. Please note that this only works for the Apple Pen 2nd Generation which only works with the newest ipad.

This case goes in and out of stock, use this listing to find one similar. They come in a wide variety of solid colors and designs. The one above is the exact one I ordered.

A great app for marking up PDF’s

I use Goodnotes. I can make notes using my Apple pencil.

Helpful Rug Hooking Sites

Every wanted to look something up in Rug Hooking Magazine? The Ottawa Old Forge Guild has indexes!

For a better online experience


I’ve used this webcam for years. I upgraded from this to my current camera in Jan 2020 but this was what filmed all my live lessons.

During Covid these were impossible to find and sold for several hundred dollars. You should pay less than $100. Just take this out of the box and plug it in.

A better webcam

I haven’t used this particular one since I have fancier cameras now, but this one comes recommended from a source I trust. I would get this one instead of the Logitech, if you can find it because I am told it has better color rendering. You will need an additional app to correct the Logitech color.

2021: Elgato Facecam

Elgato Facecam

Facecam by elgato: This is the webcam I would buy today.


One of the simplest methods is to use the earphones from your phone.

Non-Rug Hooking Stuff

Sugru Fixes Everything

Because what is on Amazon changes often, use this link to get to a search page on Amazon filled with Sugru options.

Use Sugru to fix a handle mauled by an adorable puppy, adhere a magnet to the corner of your frame or add bumpers to the bottom of your floor frame to protect your floor. Sugru fixes everything.

For better sleep and muscle relaxation

As some of you know 2020 was a nightmare year for me. It started off with 2 months of the biggest struggle to produce my broadcast using a new set of software (which I abandoned and later found an even better solution. Learn more at

I was unable to visit my parents in a nursing home. I lost Mom at the end of August and 10 weeks later my Dad. In between all that I was having trouble breathing due to an enlarged lingual tonsil (did not even know we all have 4 different kinds of tonsils…) and then kidney stones. Two surgeries later I feel much better but was still having trouble relaxing and sleeping. Until I found this…

I buy it locally at Buderer Drug Co., a compounding pharmacy. They make it right on site. But you can order it and have it shipped.

Magnesium Glycinate 600

26611 N. Dixie HighwaySuite 119Perrysburg, OH 43551

They also have stores in Sandusky, OH and Avon, OH

The bottle was $18.50 in Jan 2021 for 100 capsules. Less than $20 to sleep the best sleep I’ve had in the last year? A bargain. Bought bottles for everyone in my family.

My doctor recommended one at night and one in the AM.

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