Queen Anne Rose stair riser not used as a stair riser

August 24, 2011 0 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

Queen Anne Rose Stair riser, designed by Cindi Gay

I LOVE getting email updates on projects. I received this from Cindy Goolsby who was a student in my class at Tyler, TX in May 2011.

Hey Cindi,

Just got dad to hang my stair riser. I’ve been busy tackling a hand sewn
hexagon quilt this year, so I’m just getting around to finishing up my
project. I took a picture of the backside for you to see. Dad used some
1/4″ plywood as a stiffener and routed multiple keyholes in case he hit a
stud during installation. I am sure that architect foam board and some
picture hangers will do just as well. You can also see that I changed my
rose. I pulled it out two days after I got home from workshop and used
pictures of roses from your riser and Colleen’s rug as a reference. Oh and
that background works so well with the dark woods of my computer desk!!!

I must also admit that I used 100% cotton belting on a roll from Joann’s
fabrics and crafts instead of rug tape for the long sides. It worked great
and made a nice stiff and even line for binding. Of course it didn’t turn
any corners, so I used wool for the curved ends. Thanks again for a
wonderful class. I learned so so so much!!! Because I juggle quilting and
rug hooking, I still consider myself newer at rug making. Your tips and
techniques were just what I needed to get me excited about rug hooking
again. thanks for all your effort. It was greatly appreciated…

Look at how she installed this piece:

queen anne rose hooked stair riser
Notice how Cindi added a bit of flair to the ends of the piece.

What a beautiful setting for a beautifully hooked piece. Great job.

Here’s a picture of the back of the piece:
Mounting a hooked rug for the wall

I rarely use rug tape because of it’s poor quality. Great idea on the belting. I’ll have to check it out.

Note: Be sure to apply several coats of varnish or other sealer to the wood. Wood releases acid as it ages. Think about all the acid free stuff in the scrap booking aisle. Over time, it will deteriorate your wool and backing. This also applies to wood shelving when you are storing your wool. If you opt for the foam core option, they do make an acid free one. If your piece is larger, they also make it with a sticky surface to prevent sagging. It is made specifically for mounting needlework.Yes, you can easily remove it. I used it in a framed piece and several years later decided to un-frame it. It peeled off very, very easily and left no residue.

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