Rug Hooking Wool


Also known as Generic Wool.
Use this page to order wool that is not on my website. Choose a size from the drop down box.

Be sure to read the instructions below AND verify that I have the wool you want in stock

The inventory list is below in the description.

If you do NOT see the wool you want to order, you MUST call me and verify that it is available BEFORE you order it! Refunds for unavailable wool will be made LESS credit card processing fees.

Do not order 1 yard pieces and then ask for 1/2 yard in the description. They are priced differently.

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Product Description

Use this product to order wool that you see on my live lessons on Tuesday (Office Hours view only) at 4pm eastern. Register for the live lesson.

Paying by Check

I fill the wool orders on a first come, first served basis.  If you order with a check, you will be added to the flow when I receive the check, NOT when you place the order.  You risk not getting the wool you want.

Either pay with a credit card, or call me and ask me to pull the wool for you.  I will set it aside and wait for 2 weeks for your check.  If it does not arrive, I will put the wool you ordered back into inventory.

You MUST go through the check out process and choose the check option.  This sets up your shipping.  If you do not complete this step, I have to manually enter your address and with my eyesight, I’ve stopped relying on myself to do this correctly.  Please complete the checkout step.

Steps for ordering

    1. Chose an option (size) such as strip ready to hook, unwashed 1/2 yard or unwashed 1 yard above next to the yardage prompt.

You can order multiple yards of the same wool, but it will be shipped in separate 1 yard pieces because that is how I store wool

    1. Check that the wool you want is in stock. Use the table below this description to find the wool. Do NOT order wool that is out of stock.

Once rug hooking wool is out of stock it almost NEVER comes back in stock. I usually cannot order more.

  1. Add to cart
  2. Go to cart checkout and in the notes section (the right hand column under shipping address) enter the numbers of the wool you ordered so I can fill your order, such as 1/2 yard of B031, 1 yard of G052.

    Here is where you will tell me which wool or wools you want.

    checkout page notes box
    Enter your note in the box that looks like this on the Checkout page. That is the page at the end of your order where you enter your name and credit card informtion. It is NOT on this page.

If you want more than one wool, order the correct quantity, then add a note such as,

1 yard G052, 1/2 yard B031.

There are a few more pictures in the table below. If you are looking for something in particular, please let me know I’d be happy to show you what I have. The inventory changes daily. I sell most of my wool during the monthly wool sales.

What does the wool look like?

You can watch videos here:

Do not order 2 yards and then split them into 1/2 yards. I will not send that order without contacting you. It will delay your order and the wool may be out of stock by the time we resolve the issue. Two 1/2 yards cost a bit more than a full yard because of the labor to split and label it. It also makes the remaining 1/2 yard harder for me to sell as most rug hookers order textures in full yards.

Be sure I have the wool in stock

Below is a live version of my as-is wool inventory. It changes daily. Be sure to double check your order as close to your order time as possible. If I am out of stock, we can talk about substitutes or I will refund your purchase. I cannot order more of out of stock wool. When it is gone, it is gone.

Inventory Spreadsheet

Page down inside the window to see more.
B = blue and purple
G = green
Y = yellow and orange
R = red
W = light neutrals (white)
N = medium to dark neutrals, brown & gray, etc.


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