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Perfect for travel.  Great for everyday at home, too.

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Does NOT include the hooking frame (the blue part).


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Old or New?

Some of the stands have been made with reclaimed wood. I will pull one randomly for you unless you specify what you want. The stands made from modern wood do not have any markings. The antique wood could have artifacts similar to the stand shown below.

rug hooking stand made from reclaimed wood

rug hooking stand made from reclaimed wood

On the checkout page is a box for your comments. Please let me know what you want (clear modern wood or wormy reclaimed wood) by leaving me a note there. IF you do not indicate your choice, I will choose for you.

The most comfortable set up for rug hooking is a floor stand.  All you need is a frame with a flat bottom and a hole that is just a bit larger than 5/16″ in diameter.  The Puritan frame (shown in the video) has a hole in the bottom board.  Any frame with a similar bottom board will fit this stand.

Contact me to discuss your frame if you are unsure if it will work. After your purchase, if you have any trouble or questions, please call me. 419-287-3884 between 9am and 7pm.

This stand collapses small enough to fit into checked luggage for travel.

Sept 30, 2015: After being out of stock for years, the stands are now available.  We’ve made some design improvements, the wood is unfinished and they function the same way as the old one.  I’ll post new photos and a new video as soon as I get the images.

**The current version of the frame only has one knob where it connects with the pipe. The blue Puritan frame shown in this video is not part of the stand and is purchased separately. The Puritan frame is no longer being made. You will have to find a second hand option.


Do not lean on this stand or any other rug hooking stand.  These stands are not designed to hold your weight and you could suffer a fall.  If you are hooking an extremely large rug, screw a 24″ x 24″ piece of plywood to the bottom temporarily.  It will help the stand to support a large rug (that is how I hooked my room-sized rug) and it will prevent it from toppling over or cracking the wood of the base.  You can buy a piece of plywood this size pre-cut at most home improvement stores.  Place the plywood on the bottom of the stand (after separating it from the pipes) and screw through the plywood into the stand.

When the gripper strips on my frame kept coming out of the metal bracket, I replaced them. They were tight and difficult to pull in but they aren’t going anywhere now!

Size: Collapsed it is 14” x 13” x 3”

15.5” at its shortest, tallest is 25.5” — IF you don’t add any pipes.

I personally add a 6” pipe in between the 2 12” pipes to increase the height a bit more.

This height is to the bottom of your frame. The height of your frame is added to these dimensions.

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  1. Jennifer Rinehart

    I absolutely love this stand. It’s simple to assemble. It’s easy to take with you. The pieces fit together nicely and when stored, there aren’t any loose parts to get lost. They all fit together in one neat package. Best birthday present! :)

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