Red Dot Pattern Tracing Fabric


This product is no longer available, but Dotless Red Dot is!

Just as thin as the original red dot and MUCH cheaper.

50″ wide (40% larger than before)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Product Description

Not all red dotted fabric is the right red dot

This one is 50″ wide. That is 40% wider than the old one.

Draw your own rug hooking patterns

This 50″ wide cloth is great for tracing patterns to rug hooking backings. It is dimensionally stable, meaning it does not rack and warp like wedding tulle. This is the thinnest red dot available. There is another red dot tracing material out there that is much thicker, is often sold in fabric stores but the thickness makes it hard to see your pattern and even harder for the ink to penetrate it to get to your rug hooking backing.

The design you see in the photo is drawn on paper and is BENEATH a layer of red dot. First trace what is on the paper pattern with a pen, pencil or Flair marker. If you use a Sharpie at this point, the ink will bleed through and damage your original pattern. Later after you place the red dot over the backing and use a Sharpie Industrial* you will be able to see where you have already traced.

*Industrial Sharpies are rated to stay permanent at higher temperatures. Read the package on a regular Sharpie. They are permanent only at room temperature. Later when you steam your project, the heat could bleed the ink.

*Sharpie Industrials are now called Sharpie PRO

These are the Sharpies you want.

They have a round barrel and red ink on the the barrel.

Do NOT buy this one!


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