Natural rug hooking wool


The basic “white” of rug hooking. This wool is not pure white and it lives more comfortably with other rug hooking colors than pure white.

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Product Description

Sold in 1 yard cut pieces. You will not get 1 3 yard piece. You would get 3 1 yard pieces.

This is natural (not white) wool. It is what I use for white for everything EXCEPT the highlights on clouds and snow. For those highlights and for dyeing sky I always use pure white wool.

This is the type of wool used by almost all dye books as “white.” It has a very slight creamy look when it is compared to pure white. I can only tell the difference between the two when I have them together under good light.

All the colors in my dye book use natural wool.

The suppliers I use for this wool varies, but it will be the best quality I can find at the time.

Virtual Dye Class

This is the wool I recommend for the Virtual Dye Class. You will need at least 2 yards.


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