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A gift certificate can be used for anything on my website or at my studio including lessons. Most out of town workshop fees are paid directly to the director of the camp and this certificate cannot be used for that, but it can be used to pay for wool during the class. Can be used for class fees at my studio.

A coupon code will be generated.  You can enter the recipient’s name and email during checkout and send it to her immediately. Your gift will not be a secret.

Or…. if you want to keep the secret until the right time ->

Send the gift certificate to yourself.  Reply to the order confirmation email that you get:

  • Tell me the recipient’s email address and
  • WHEN you want the email changed (like the day after Christmas or her birthday).

As soon as I change the email on the gift certificate, the certificate number will show on her account. With one simple click she can apply it to any order. If she does not spend it all, the system will remember her balance.

Print out the downloadable gift certificate and package it however you like. The gift certificate will not be valid until your payment is made.


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