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Product Description

This is a 14 page pdf packed full of details. Every time someone asked me a question about the Fold Forward Finish I added the answer to this PDF. Learn how to:

    • Steam your rug
    • Zig Zag the edge. I also include a method you can use if you don’t have a sewing machine
    • How to measure how much to cut off, including a trick for oval or round rugs
    • How much to cut off the corners to avoid a big ole lumpy corner
    • Basting the edge down and what needle to use
    • The special preparation treatment of the corners
    • Two ways to fold in the corner
    • How to calculate how much yarn you need. Never start whipping and praying again. You will know before you start if you have enough.
    • How to do a whipping test to get that calculation dialed in.
    • What type of yarn to use for whipping
    • What to do when you cannot find the right color
    • A list of whipping tips including a video on keep it straight and even if you are working on linen
    • How to secure the edge of the yarn
    • How to hook all four corners at once and how to use the Corner trick to avoid putting all the wool in the same hole in your backing
    • A link to more information on labeling rugs

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