Floral Tangle Rug – Large


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Product Description

A doodle inspired rug hooking pattern with lots of places for color. Comes in two sizes, the smaller one is 29.5″ x 44.25″

Hooked Examples

rug hooking pattern floral tangle
Floral Tangle hooked by Diane Luszcz


Floral Tangle hooked rug
Floral Tangle hooked by Karen Sundstrom

My name is Karen Sundstrom. I live in Wisconsin. I taught myself to hook about 5 years ago. I started this rug at a Kris Miller workshop in May. It was the first class I ever attended. I love this pattern(FLORAL TANGLE) because of the boldness of the design, the asymmetrical border and the opportunity to experiment with color. I was pleased with the outcome.

Need help color planning? How to rug hook Floral Tangle.

Value study for Floral Tangle with dark backgroundValue study for Floral Tangle with light background

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