Finishing Measuring Tool


This handy tool will help you to mark the 1 1/4″ edge around your rug. No more looking for notes or squinting to see the measuring tape. Just line it up along the loops and draw your line in the ditch.

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Product Description

This is a simple piece of very thick cardboard that I use to measure where to cut the backing off during the finishing process. Simply hold it up to the loops on one side and put your pencil down on the other to draw the line where you will cut off the excess backing. Free with any order, just add it to your shopping cart.

Use this to determine where to cut using my simple finishing instructions. This article is just one of several about finishing. The best finishing method is the one you will do. Find a method that works for you and do it! Get the rugs out of the closet and where they belong — on the floor.


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