Dyeing by the Numbers

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This book is currently out of stock, but is being actively edited. A new printing should be available soon.
  • Spiral bound, lays flat when you need it to
  • 75 pages, see Table of Contents for details
  • Includes free pattern for color wheel shown on cover

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This book is currently out of stock, but is being actively edited. A new printing should be available soon.

This is more than just a recipe book. The bulk of this book, over 50 pages, is about how to dye wool for rug hooking. While the recipes are designed for use with PRO Chem dyes, the methods explained can be used with any commercial dye designed for dyeing wool. 77 pages.

Dyeing by the numbers color key for dyeing wool

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2 reviews for Dyeing by the Numbers

  1. Joseph Toubes (verified owner)

    I am new to dyeing . I am not new to rug hooking. My wife thought that rather than waiting for wool that I have ordered, I should be able to buy the dye and do it myself. I looked around on the internet for instructions and found this book and ordered it. The book itself is easy to read and clearly is easy to follow. The author explains everything and there are options there as well. I come from a chemistry background. My undergraduate degree is in chemistry and from that stand point, the instructions are clear. On the cover there is a most excellent presentation of color swatches from formulas found in the book. I have made two of them and the colors are great. In fact they are going to be in my present rug. I was looking for a certain color and there it was . Right on the cover of the book and I followed the instructions inside. This really is worth getting. You will refer to it all the time. I, by the way, have it right on my dye kitchen bench for referral.

  2. Marilyn (verified owner)

    After receiving your set of dyebooks I couldn’t put them down. So very interesting! I consider myself an intermediate dyer, but learned so much in these books. I am changing my method of dyeing to your way. I did things because people told me to, not knowing why. Your books explain everything so clearly and accurately and with wonderful results every time. I especially love your “speed swatch method” of dyeing, and plan to dye with it again today for the folds in a dress I’m hooking. It’s so simple, and makes sense. Also, your method of hooking trees is so simple and effective, I asked myself “Why didn’t I think of that?” So simple, and they always turn out perfectly.
    Thank you for your wonderful simple contribution to rug hooking.

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Table of Contents

  • Welcome to my Dye Kitchen
  • Why I wrote this book
  • The Basics
  • Quick Start
    • Natural v. Commercial
    • Brands Available
    • Equipment
    • Setting up your Work Area
    • Documentation
    • Without Dye Spoons (Using Premix)
    • The “Code”
    • Recipe Testing
    • Basic Science
    • Mottled or Smooth
  • Methods
    • Pre-Preparing
    • Basic Steps for Open Pan Dyeing
    • Reality Check
    • Dip Dyeing
    • Speed Swatch Method
    • Spot or Casserole Dyeing
    • Jar Dyeing for Gradation Swatches
    • Transitional Gradation Swatches
    • Abrashing
    • Painting
    • Transcolor
    • Stamping
    • Tie Dyeing
    • Yarn
    • Troubleshooting
  • Recipes
    • Basic Color Wheel Colors
    • Altering recipes
    • How to Use the Recipes
    • Color Star Legend
    • The recipes
    • Color Star Pattern
  • About the Author
  • Resources

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