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Hand painted dyed wool that hooks into the most wonderful birch trees. Can also be used to hook weathered siding if it is cut in the opposite direction. Each piece is unique and each time I dye it the background “white” comes out slightly different. So if it is important to you that the background color matches be sure to order enough for your project. That said, I usually use different colored pieces on purpose for different trees.


  • 1/4 yard, approx: 13″ x 34.5″


How to Cut Birch Bark Wool

How to cut birch bark wool for rug hooking

The Goal: Strips that can be hooked the length of the tree trunk with dark lines that appear horizontally on the trunk.

  1. Snip the wool to divide it into four pieces. Put your wool in the same position as in the photo. Snip the top or bottom edge. Do not rip until you are ready to cut it up. It is much easier to find and store one large piece than 3 or 4 smaller pieces. You never want to cut wool that is wider than about 3″. This size fits smoothly in your hand without a lot of wool dragging as you cut it.
  2. Cut the wool into strips using the direction of the arrow. Now that the wool is snipped, the cutting direction should be obvious.
  3. Hook your tree from top to bottom, or my preference, bottom to top.

To get a white washed barn siding look, cut the wool in the opposite direction. The dark stripes will run the length of the strip. Hook the bark (or picket fence) up and down.

Claus Homestead rug hooked mat
Claus Homestead

The wool that I used for this barn does not have distinctive dark stripes. It was painted with a dry brush technique. Because it is viewed from a distance, the dark parts of the paint peeled wood would not be as distinct.

Hooked Examples

Rug hooked birch tree pictorial by Joanne Lindstrom
Custom design hooked by Joanne Lindstrom

One of my favorite birch tree examples mainly because the trees are so large.

Birches rug hooked tote bag
Birches, House of Price hooked by Cindi Gay

Hooked as part of my McGown Teacher Accreditation. The water was too blue. In my part of the country the soil is readily dissolved in the water and turns the water a murky color. I leave near a river nicknamed the Muddy Maumee. To achieve this look without rehooking, I dabbed on some tea in just the right shade. I figured I had nothing to lose. I could always rehook it.

rug hooked stair riser by Rita Thomas, design by Cindi Gay

Dear Cindi,
This stair riser will be welcoming all those that come and go through the doors of Thomas Haus. I just finished it. Thank you for the pattern. The inside of the roses are hooked with antique paisley. The letters are hooked with your birchbark wool, left over from my Rose in Scroll footstool. (that is patiently waiting to be put together.)
Have a most blessed Christmas.
Looking forward to more happy hooking in 2016.
Port Clinton, OH

Birch trees hooked by Diane Climp using Cindi Gay's hand dyed birch bark wool
Hooked by Diane Climo, Waltham, MA

Hi Cindi –
I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did with your wonderful birch material.  I gave this to my daughter and am now eager to make a winter birch tree scene for myself!!
See attached.
Thanks –


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