One Large Sunflower Footstool Rug Hooking Pattern

February 12, 2013 0 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

Some like it complicated, but some like it simple and you can’t get much more simple than this footstool rug hooking pattern. Just one large sunflower and two crows.

One Large Sunflower footstool rug hooking pattern designed by Cindi Gay

One Large Sunflower footstool rug hooking pattern designed by Cindi Gay

Crows and Sunflowers rug hooking pattern

Crows and Sunflowers footstool rug hooking pattern

You could modify the shape of some of the petals as I did in the Crows and Sunflowers Footstool Pattern. Hook a few of the dropped petals on the ground. Give the crows some personality. They are large enough for some real fun such as a vest and straw hat and an apron for the lady.

As I was drawing them, I envisioned them in red, white and blue. Maybe a blue check for the wing and red and white stripes on the body or just carve out a square for the blue field on the head of one bird and the tail of the other.

You could hook the center of the sunflower with hit and miss to bring in some color and interest. If the center is hit and miss, why not make the “ground” hit and miss too!

Don’t let the coloring in the illustration fool you into thinking you can only hook this with a light background. You can make the background really dark and your crows lighter or the crows really dark with a medium-dark background. Add in a halo line of something related to your background wool, but lighter and your crows will really pop!

Another option would be to hook a realistic sky using my sky wool. Draw an X on the top of the pattern from corner to corner, then divide the four house shaped areas into the four zones you need to hook sky. The sun flower will cover up most of the area so you’ll need to adjust it so you use the wool evenly. Hook the darkest value around the sunflower. You’ll start with a circle but it will gradually straighten out as you move down the sides.

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