How Important is Hooking Technique?

March 7, 2009 3 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

Kelly, a past student, had an email question about hooking techniques.  I will explain more over the next couple of posts.

Eve's Garden by Meryl Nelson
Eve’s Garden by Meryl Nelson

First, I view hooking technique as a way to make hooking easier on your body.  I am not worried about how the loops look.  In fact, most of hooked rugs I admire have loops that are far from perfect.   Eve’s Garden by Meryl Nelson is one of those rugs.  Meryl’s loops do not line up like perfect soldiers, see the closeup below.  Instead she lets them twist and turn wherever they go.  As a result, Meryl can hook more than the rest of us during a week long camp.

Beginners often worry that their loops do not look like their fellow rug hookers.  I then pull out my in-progress work and have them take a close look.  My hooking does not look like my finished work.  Steaming does wonders.

I often compare the quest for the perfect loop with how painters look at their work. They fuss over color and composition or what mood the artwork is setting. Way down on the list is their brushstroke technique. Bottom line, is if you are happy with how your loops look, be happy.

Closeup of rug hooking
Closeup of Eve’s Garden

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