Have cindigayrughooking.com on your ipad at your fingertips

June 18, 2012 13 comments | Updated March 12, 2018

Written by Cindi Gay

Apple touch icon for home screen

If you use your ipad as I do, you often grab it when you only have a minute or two available. Who wants to wait for Safari to load and then enter a website address? Get one click access to any website. Of course, I’m hoping the first one you add is mine.

Steps to add a button for any website to hour iPhone, iTouch, iPad home screen:

  1. Open the browser, Safari.
  2. Go to the web address of the site you want to add, such as cindigay.com.
  3. At the top of the screen on your ipad is a rectangle with an arrow. Clicking on this arrow will give you links to a variety of things, but the option we need today is Add to Home Screen.
  4. A small box will appear with an image of the website. If you wait a second or so you will get a more attractive icon. You can change the text to anything you want. This text will appear below the icon on your menu screen.
  5. When you have the text entered/changed, press Add.
  6. Your new icon is now on your menu screen. You can move this icon around just like you do any Apple app. Now with one click you can open the browser and get to my website!
  7. If you are paying attention you noticed that I used cindigayrughooking.com and cindigay.com. Both addresses will get you to the same website, the one you are visiting now. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post. See the footer below.

    Give it a try and add a comment. Tell my why you visit my site. Thanks for visiting.

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