Floral Tangle Rug Hooking Pattern -How to hook tips

April 29, 2012 0 comments | Updated February 16, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

Floral Tangle rug hooking pattern by Cindi Gay
Floral Tangle -LARGE and SMALL

Floral Tangle was a result of spending a few weeks exploring Zentangles. I found the process to be calming and really creative. There are no erasers, no measuring. You just doodle. To turn a doodle into a rug hooking pattern, it has to be greatly simplified, unless you plan on using a #3 cut. I’ll explain more about this process below.

This pattern is offered in two sizes:

  • SMALL: 29.5″ X 44.25″
  • LARGE: 36″ X 54″

Tips on how to rug hook this pattern

Wool requirements will be posted here when available.

Both sizes can be hooked in a #8 or smaller. The larger is ideal for the super wide cuts. Consider hooking the large pattern with a #8 or smaller and doing your own zentangle doodles inside the areas.

Value study for Floral Tangle with dark background
Value study for Floral Tangle with light background

I colored value studies for light and dark backgrounds. This is not the only way to layout the colors for this rug, but it might help you get started. To color in these line drawings I used a Copic Markers, my favorite new luxury. I prefer the C5 for the medium tone. I also used a black for the dark. You can use a Sharpie, but the brush tip is a joy to use and these pens do not bleed through as much as Sharpies do. A silver metallic Sharpie works well for medium also (and is a lot cheaper) but it does not scan for the internet as well – so you see, owning these pens became necessary.

Hit and miss edge on large room sized rug

I see the lines in the border on this rug hooking pattern as hit and miss, but you may see them differently. Hit and miss usually works out to appear as medium. The extra few rows around the outside edge will help to straighten the edge of your rug. When you have rows of hooking that hit the outside edge at different angles, they will pull and tug on the backing differently. The extra rows allow space for the tugging to relax, giving you a straighter edge on your hooked rug.

Inspiration doodle by Cindi Gay
Inspiration doodle by Cindi Gay

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at zentangle.com

This doodle was the inspiration for this pattern.

I a prefer Micron 08 pen and a drawing book with watercolor paper. It is usually thick enough to prevent bleed through. If you enjoy other crafts such as scrap booking you may already have this pen.

Most doodlers prefer the 03 pen which has a much smaller tip. My eyesight is terrible at close range so the 08 makes lines small enough for me.

See more examples of Floral Tangle.

Have you hooked this pattern or one of my other rug hooking patterns?

I would love to see a photo. Please let me know if it is OK to share it on this website, if not I will keep it private. Be sure to include your full name and home town. If you have any questions or comments, contact me using the Contact Me link in the menu above.

I would love to get feedback on how much wool it took YOU to hook one of my patterns. I plan to have wool requirements for all patterns. To help me set priorities, please ask about wool requirements for any pattern you cannot find listed.

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