How to draw a rectangle & oval on rug hooking backing

February 20, 2021 0 comments | Updated December 1, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

I really struggled to get this piece of rug warp straight. My first instinct was to edit the problem out, because it rarely happens, but if it does, you will know how to persist and fix the problem.

The problem was a dip just to the right of the center line.

00:00 Introduction
00:56 Find the center of your backing
01:47 How do I draw a straight line on my rug hooking backing?
02:26 Set up the outer dimensions
02:54 How much margin should you leave on your pattern? The larger the rug, the more space I leave up to 24″ but a minimum of 6″
03:20 How do I to straighten rug hooking backing?
07:06 Trace rug hooking pattern onto dotless red dot or use a light box

Turn the rectangle into an oval

ALWAYS draw a rectangle (or a square if you are making a circle) first, then square it up and draw the oval or circle inside.


Part 3, special finishing tip for oval rugs

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