Color Planning is a Method

June 2, 2021 1 comments | Updated June 15, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

Color Planning is NOT picking out every wool and deciding where it goes in advance. Who can do that? I don’t. My method is different.

The only failed hooked rug is the one that is incomplete, rolled up and stored somewhere. They can all be fixed with a plan.

Everyone can color plan and everyone will save time, money and frustration by working through the process.

Create a palette…the what

When you pull all the colors that will work for a rug you are creating a palette. Once you get a feel for this process you will wonder why you ever had trouble color planning before.

It does take practice. How much you hook will determine how long it will take to develop this skill, but the lessons in the PCP course will speed up the learning curve for all rug hookers.

Now you know what to hook with.

Do a Value Study…the where

Throw away the colored pencils and markers. All you need is a Sharpie, a silver Sharpie or a simple pencil and a copy of your pattern. I’ll show you how to create a copy of your pattern if you don’t have one inside the PCP course.

Now you know where it goes.

Learn more

Join the full course where I walk you through all the steps you need. Some methods work better on certain types of rugs, other methods work on the rest. What is important is that you know what the methods are so you can pull them out of your hat when you need them.

The course will fill in all the blanks. Stop struggling with indecision. Work through the process.

Want even more guidance?

Consider joining a VOW class (Virtual Online Workshop). Class size is limited to 5 people. I work with you and the other 4 people in the class over a 4 lessons to solve whatever rug hooking problems you are having. No need to start something new. Bring that problem rug out of the closet!

Lessons are spread out about 2 weeks apart so it gives you time to hook and run into new problems to get addressed by the next lesson.

If you don’t finish your rug, you can sign up for the next round of lessons. Alumni get first access to the open seats. Several students have attended every session.

Finish your rug early? No problem. Fast rug hookers are welcome to start as many rugs as they like.

Each student is limited to approximately the same amount of time during each lesson. How you choose the use the time is up to you.

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