Day 99-275 Circle Border on Room-sized Rug

January 7, 2008 1 comments | Updated February 7, 2021

Written by Cindi Gay

Close up of circle border on room-sized rug

Day 99. I am settled into the circle border with one exception. Do I want to hook multi-colored spots in between the circles, or do I want to keep that feature consistent? I have already ruled out hooking all the background black. I like the way the extra spots almost camouflage the circles. Hooking an all black background made the circles stand out too much.

As you can see I started on the right with multi-colored spots. I switched to a beige/tan wool to hook the spots and am tinkering with the idea of using the beige/tan as the background for the major border. That border is the one that started everything with the stair risers, Queen Anne Rose and Annie’s Scrolls.

What to learn from this

The biggest lesson here is that I hooked the new idea (all one color spots) that came to me to see what it looked like AND I am not taking out my first attempt. I may even hook more mult-colored spots until I am sure of my decision. I will not change the discarded idea until I have no more room to hook. I often find that leaving the little oddities in the rug (usually because I just plain forget to go back) make the rug so much more interesting.

I try to never rip out until I need that room to hook.

Day 275 Progress on border and scroll

progress made on room sized hooked rug

The Manistee camp was great fun. I love the area. The lakes (Portage and Michigan) are beautiful and I cannot get enough. Wets my appetite for September in New Jersey at Cape May. Walking the beach before and after rug camp is a bit of heaven.

It seems impossible, but my last important post for this rug was Day 99. That was when I first tried the circle border. I hooked a bit on the main part of the center since then, but my time has been tied up with my website, teaching and packing.

rug hooked stair risers installed on stairs

The more I hook the circles, the more they belong. I will hook another foot or two before I begin to lay out the next border which will be based on the Queen Anne Rose stair riser (the top one).

I tried to fill the spots in between the circles with multicolors and then with just one neutral. I think I like just dark for the background, so that is what I will continue to hook. You can never be sure what will work until you hook a bit and live with it or a while. 176 days are not usually required.

Circle border hooked on room sized rug

This circle border is also called cat’s paw or millifiori

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