Birch Bark Wool

December 20, 2009 0 comments | Updated August 26, 2019

Written by Cindi Gay

Birch bark rug hooking wool

This bark is wonderful for rug hooking birch trees. I’ve also seen students use it for an old picket fence and for a cat. Use your imagination. I used this wool cut with the stripes to hook the vertical boards on an old white weathered barn.

Two pieces of birch bark are shown so that you can see the variety. Each piece of birch bark is hand painted. The process takes three days. If I did not offer it for sale, I would not dye it for myself. Luckily, my granddaughter, Alaina, loves to paint birch bark.

Claus Homestead
Claus Homestead

Birch bark rug hooking examples by Cindi Gay


This rug is finished as a tote bag. Use the pillow making method to add the sashing and then simply sew it up.

Click on this photo to see a larger image. I hooked these birch trees as a requirement for my McGown Teacher Accreditation.  Chose the cut size you use to hook the trees based on the size of the trees. Some of the pieces have a dry brushed area. These wool strips can be used for shading and adding depth to the trees.

Other Birch Bark rug hooking examples

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Hooked by Sue Adams, Lima, OH
Hooked by Sue Adams, Lima, OH

A frame of birch bark logs is a wonderful rustic border.

Birch bark letters
Birch bark letters

Using birch bark wool for the letters is perfect! This rug was hooked by a fellow student in Michigan almost 10 years ago. I’ve forgotten her name. If you know it, please let me know.

Hooked by Diana Foltz
Hooked by Diana Foltz

Fine cut trees are wonderful hooked with birch bark wool. The small size makes it difficult to get the markings on the trees. With the birch bark wool you simply hook, the markings happen automatically.

This piece was hooked by Diana Foltz, Tucson, AZ.

Pattern is Birches from House of Price, designed by Jane McGown Flynn.

Hooked by Joanne Lindstrom, Cadillac, MI
Hooked by Joanne Lindstrom, Cadillac, MI

This is the largest birch trees hooked with my wool that I know of. It is 21″ x 34″ .

If you have any questions or comments about this product, please leave a message below or send me an email via the Contact Me page. The ruler included in the photo is 6" long.

If you used this wool in a rug and would like to share it, please send me a photo of the rug. Be sure to include your name, the pattern name, the size of the rug, the # of this wool and any other information you would like shared.

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