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Live! Beginner Lesson

Saturday, July 13 @ 2pm eastern

This Beginner Live! Lesson is open to everyone. Members can join by using the link in their member Dashboard under Live! Events. If you are not a member, you can still watch via Youtube or Facebook.

I have scheduled 2 hours for this lesson, but it depends on your questions.

 You can learn rug hooking at your own pace

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After spending an entire week in the company of good friends, in a room painted a beautiful shade of turquoise, I am finally putting the finishing touches on my room-sized hooked rug. As we still have another full day here, we could have waited a little longer to take the photo, but the weather might

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OMG, this is so easy. All you need is the right equipment. You can check this link to see if your model has the ability. Then you need to check if you have the right operating system, ios 16 or higher. This will work on an ipad or iphone.

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Your Online Rug Hooking Teacher

Learning to Rug Hook is easy...

..but Rug hooking is so very confusing when you first start out.  What equipment do I need? Or more like, what do you NOT need? How do I do this or that?  You need someone who is always there that you can ask.  You need a teacher or a guide.  I can help.

Once you get past the basics, it becomes all about inspiration and different ways to look at your art.  I'll teach you ways to go beyond blind experimentation.

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Courses are a deep dive into ONE topic.

The Membership covers many.

Includes The Basics, great for beginners and experienced rug hookers alike.

Watch on any device that can reach the internet, computer, tablet, phone, Facebook Portal, even your TV!

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A tiny tip can take you miles.

Have been listening to the podcasts and I must say I was skeptical about "just listening".  I have noted several good tips, the framing on landscapes, preparing recycled wool and marking new wool with tags for starters.
I like your podcasts!!! Are good for listening multiple times even.

Judi Perkins // Rug Hooker

Learn more about the podcast

Rug Hooking with Cindi Gay, podcast
rennie roop tip
I keep sharing your helpful hints and instructional videos on all the Maritime rug Hooking sites I have access to. Every week there is someone asking how to hook animal fur, or how to square-off a pattern, etc. When responding on Deanne Fitzpatrick’s site, I always say she fosters my creativity for textures, while you, YOU, give me the skills to be a better rug hooker. ♥️

Thanks for your brilliant tip to cut out some background on my project for ‘rug ‘school.

Rennie Roop // Rug Hooker

Hi, I'm Cindi Gay

artist and rug hooking teacher

My goal is to help rug hookers find their own style, their own way of rug hooking instead of copying what other people are doing.  Whether you use yarn or wool strips, punch or pull your loops traditionally from the top, are you ready to to start your own journey?  It begins with one simple step, just sign up for my random email announcements,  It's FREE.

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