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You. . .Can Hook Rugs by Pearl McGown

One of my favorite passages from Pearl’s book:

Many women have said to me: “I’ve always wanted to hook a rug and I’m going to some day.” But it is the woman who says: “I want to hook a rug. How shall I start?” that I am most interested in. The first is usually a dreamer — the second is a realist. And I like action!

Pearl McGown book

I’m taking action by cleaning closets this summer. I found a copy of this book, no dust cover, not even a binding. I think the dog before Jackson got to it, but it is still readable if you don’t mind the loose pages. I have a second copy in good condition. I’m offering this damaged one to the first person who contacts me and pays the shipping. I think it will fit in a USPS Priority flat rate envelope, so $5.00 will do it. I will send you an invoice that you can pay by Paypal. It is a great story if you’ve never read it before.

UPDATE: The book has been claimed.

In case mine is gone you can get a used one at Amazon.


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  1. Lee Eddy says:

    Pearls book if u still have it. Ty

  2. Lee, I received your request first. Congratulations. I’ll send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping.

  3. Pearl’s books always make for great reading, especially if you find yourself stuck on a project and don’t know where to go. Just step back for a little bit and read. You will find your answer in them. I always have.

    • This is one you want to read, not just look at the pictures. Pearl’s story is amazing. One interesting tidbit I learned from her granddaughter, Jane McGown Flynn was that Pearl never finished a single rug. Then I thought of her story. It made sense. She was too busy doing everything else.

  4. Kathy R says:

    Read the library copy of this book so many times when I was a beginning hooker. Thanks for sharing this quote!