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Around the Country

Cindi Gay’s Rug Hooking Classes Around the Country

All dates can be seen on the calendar on the Workshops page

Cedar Lakes Rug Camp

Ripley, West Virginia

See the ads in Rug Hooking Magazine. One of the largest and oldest camps in the country. With 8 – 10 teachers you are sure to find someone to match your style. It is a wonderful country setting and the daffodils are often blooming when we are there. All the teachers sell wool and the store has a wonderful assortment of rug hooking “stuff.”

Contact the director, Nancy Blair, at 616-895-6378 between 8am and 6pm eastern.

Manistee Rug Camp

Manistee, MI

The classes are held in a high school and the guild that hosts the camp always makes you feel welcome.
Contact Alaina Trout for more information: ibfishwich@aol.com.

Rugs by the Sea

Cape May, New Jersey

September 19-24, 2010 (the second week)
Historical Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May, NJ

Historical Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May, NJ

I love this camp because the ocean is just a block away. A walk before breakfast and one or two in the evening are the highlights of the experience for me. The hotel is not your everyday hotel. The Chalfonte is a beautiful, historical hotel with charm and creaky floors. No phones or TVs in the room. A few rooms still have the restroom and shower is down the hall just a few steps, but most have modern, new restrooms just like a “regular” hotel. There are also many other places to stay within walking distance. This camp runs for two weeks with different teachers each week.

Contact the Director: Norma Batastini

  • 973-746-5361
  • 973-746-2936
  • g_batastini@msn.com

Or: Linda Woodbury

  • 973-743-6835
  • linda.woodbury@gmail.com

The video sounds like static, but it is the “roar” of the ocean. . . sigh.

The other teachers vary from year to year.

**several other engagements during the year are with private groups. Contact me to set up dates for your group, either at your location or here in Pemberville, OH.

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