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Workshops for Rug Hooking

Workshops or classes for rug hooking are the best way to learn or improve your rug hooking. 

Consider attending a rug hooking workshop or class in my studio where the class size is often less than 1/2 that of a public workshop.

  • W is the winter session, generally late Jan/early Feb until March or April
  • SP is the spring session, generally April to late May or June
  • S is the summer session. This session is usually cancelled due to low attendance, so if you want to attend these classes, please let me know ASAP! The new studio has air conditioning.
  • F is the fall session, generally starts in September and ends before Thanksgiving.

Each class is numbered 1-6. These dates may be adjusted as I take on new commitments during the year. For instance W1 is the first class in the winter session. As a student, you sign up for one session at a time. Please let me know at the end of a session if you are unable to continue.

Use the “Print” button below to print out the entire year or more. You set the date range. Click the “Month” button to see the calendar in the familiar month format.

Friday classes Click here for more information

rug hooking workshops

Rug Hooking Workshop in my Studio

These rug hooking classes are in my home and are only offered in three sets of six classes per year. Occasionally I will offer an additional 6 week set in the summer.

Workshops Around the Country Click here for more information

This schedule of public workshops is constantly changing and varies quite a bit from year to year.

Right now the only commitment I have on the books is the Manistee, MI workshop in June 2017.

At my studio in Pemberville, OH Click here for more information

This is a workshop you set up. Organize your own group or fill out the form below to get on a waiting list. I will offer several dates. When I have at least four people who commit to attending, we have a workshop! Great way to make lifetime rug hooking friends.

In the Toledo Area

No teaching here, but a great gathering of rug hookers. We meet on the first Thursday of the month at the Maumee Senior Center and the Third Thursday at the Sylvania Senior Center. Time starts anywhere between 9am and 9:30 (depends on when we all show up) and ends at 11:30. Please join us for lunch at a local restaurant afterward.

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