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A simple way to hang your rug hooking on the wall

I’m describing this method as a way to fix a mistake. signature

This method only works on small pieces such as the wrong sized stair riser I hooked recently. I whipped it with my usual finishing technique instead of folding the edges back and whipping.

Back of stair riser with 3m strips in place over sticky Velcro

3M strips stuck to back of sticky Velcro

Since I had already sewn on the Velcro strips (a difficult task that I was not going to undo) I added the hook side that has a sticky back. Normally this is the point where I would remove the protective backing and stick the stair riser to my stairs. But alas, this one is too large.

Years ago I found some 3M hooks on sale. I think they were for Christmas lights. The hooks were too small to do anything with, but the sticky parts have been priceless. I added a bunch of them all around the edge. Then I let it sit for a few minutes. The glue gets stronger with age. I think the packaging recommends 30 seconds or something like that.

Next I test fit the stair riser into place. I noted how much room there was on each side and how far below the mirror I wanted it to be. I removed the second side of protective paper from the 3M strips and gently stuck it to the wall. I then stepped back to be sure it still looked level, made a few adjustments, rechecked and then firmly pressed on the tape for several seconds in each place. My goal was thirty seconds, but geez that took too long. I probably got a good 10 seconds of pressure on each 3M piece.

I rechecked it in about an hour and since it was still up, so I hoped for the best. Twenty four hours later it is still up.

If you are thinking that this is a crazy way to get there, you are right. Remember that I started with a stair riser complete with the Velcro already sewn on but it did not fit on my stairs. With this method, I can change my mind without damage to the wall. I can always use the sticky Velcro later to attach it as a stair riser if I discover one of the stairs is taller than the others. I like options.

Simplify Stair Riser Rug Hooking Pattern

Simplify stair riser rug hooking pattern
I finally finished (or so I thought) the Simplify stair riser. It did not dawn on me until the DAY AFTER I had it done (including sewing on the Velcro) that I used the wrong finishing method. I used my standard rug finish instead of the space saving finish I used on the other stair risers. Sigh. Now it does not fit. It is too tall.

Hooked stair riser pattern does not fit on stairs

And it looked so good there. Darn.

I need to decide if I will leave it as it is and use it somewhere other than on the stairs or to reverse it:

  1. reverse the whipping
  2. rip out the basting
  3. unfold the backing
  4. cut it off – again
  5. redo the zig zagging on the edge
  6. find some rug tape
  7. preshrink the rug tape
    1. boil with soap until water takes on color
    2. dump out water and refill
    3. repeat until the water says mostly clear
    4. hang it to dry
    5. iron it flat
  8. whip the edge while holding the rug tape in place
  9. sew down the backing (even though it will be covered, you don’t want it moving around and causing friction)
  10. sew down the other edge of the rug tape . . . .

OK, I’ve decided. It stays as it is. I think it will be simpler to hook another one. Ah yes, simpler.

See, I DO need the reminder.

Now to find it a home.

Another way to use a hooked stair riser

Stair risers work wherever they fit!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how I hung it up.


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