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Rughooking a face: Adjusting the Forehead Shading

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series How to Hook Faces


Wide cut rug hooked face roughly done

Before forehead adjustment

Wide cut rug hooked face forehead adjustment

After forehead adjustment


Now I have the face completely filled in so I can make some adjustments.  The curve on the forehead is bothering me.  I ripped out where the two colors join and moved the line to make it softer.  I will probably move the hair onto the forehead later, so I am not too worried about the little jag at the top.

I added a strong highlight to the lower lip just under the dark line where the lips meet.  I used the lightest flesh color for this highlight.

I am not sure about the dark circle under her eye, I will wait to adjust that.  Adding hair and a neck may make this look different.

Rughooking a face: Hooking the Nose and Lips

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series How to Hook Faces
Rug hooking the second eye and the upper lip

In this photo I have both eyes hooked.  The light wool under the woman’s left eyebrow looks odd, but I will leave it in for now and re-evaluate this later.   I’m not crazy about the nose at this stage either, but again, I will look at it again later after the face is completely hooked.

The lips are hooked by hooking a dark center line.  This is better if it is not completely straight.  Every mouth is different.  Look at your subject matter and hook it as you see it. This is the most important line for the expression on the face.

The upper lip is darker than the lower lip.  It is often smaller.  I hooked one row, turning the loops to create a cupid’s bow at the center.  You will be able to see in the next photo that her mouth is quite crooked.  Again, I will not attempt to fuss with this until the face is completely hooked.

Notice that I am continuing to fill in the face, and I am using small tight squiggles to hide the rows of hooking.  I don’t like to see rows on faces.

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