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Rug Hooking a face: Adding Hair

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series How to Hook Faces
How to rug hook hair on a wide cut face

Added hair

Notice how different she looks when I add the hair.  I kept the forehead shape as it was hooked in the last post.  I may decide to soften that later.

I removed the one holding line I had hooked in the first step because the shape of the line was not quite right.  I concentrated on value when I chose scraps of wool out of my scrap bin.  The right side of her head (the left side as you look at it) is rug hooked in cool dark colors, using a lot of blue and purple.  A bit of green was added also.

The other side is hooked in oranges and reds with some green.  Here I chose values that are a bit lighter.

Notice that I have the dark skin value where her hair meets the face.  This helps to give the hair dimension and keep it from looking like a helmet.  The hair is not hooked in rows.  Think about how hair grows and hook it that way.

I brought the hair forward on her face so that it would be in front of the ears.

Rug Hooking the Baby’s Fine Hair

This entry is part 7 of 13 in the series Woman with Baby

Hooking hair can be difficult because it will look like a helmet unless you take some time to think about the hair that you are hooking.  In this case, I wanted the hair to look very fine.  I chose a herringbone in two different shades, one just slightly darker than the other.  I have a large collection of herringbones.  I don’t think you can have too many browns and greys because they are perfect for animals and hair.

Notice that I also hooked some of the flesh color in the scalp.  If I had hooked a solid mass of hair I would not have gotten the fine delicate look that I wanted.  I kept most of the dark value at the outer edges and kept the hairline very irregular.

step 13 How to rug hook the baby's hair

A closeup of the baby’s hair. Notice that it is not a helmet because I mixed in some of the flesh color.

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