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Rug Hookers rejoice:
The Townsend Cutters are available again!

Beeline-Townsend Rug Hooking Cutters

The new manufacturer of the Beeline-Townsend Cutter for rug hooking

I received the first of the new Townsend cutter blades last Friday from Beeline-Townsend. It is black instead of silver, but the cartridges look the same.

The new Beeline-Townsend Cutter for rug hooking

Several people have been set up as dealers. Please contact Sue Ellen Fox, one of my best friends, at www.foxcottage.com. She will take excellent care of you, answer your questions and get your cutter ordered. You can reach her by phone at 828-400-1869. She is in North Carolina, eastern time zone.

The carrying case for the Beeline-Townsend Cutter used in rug hooking

A hard cover instead of a soft camera bag.

The case is different also. It looks more like a fishing tackle box instead of a camera bag. Probably better protection for the equipment. I have not seen a cutter body or the new box in person, but the blades are just as they were before.

Customer Service

I had a chance to test their customer service. I received one of the blades with a defect. The number at the top was not clear. It looked like the upper part of the six did not get stamped. Julie and Shari at Beeline-Townsend bent over backward and answered emails immediately. A replacement blade and instructions about sending the less than perfect one back happened within hours. It could have happened even sooner but I was teaching a class and did not recheck email until after the class. Looks like they will be honoring the Townsend customer service.

Please share your experiences about this cutter. I love mine. I bought it will blades #3-#8 with my first workshop salary. Then each year at Sauder Village Rug Camp I bought a new blade adding a #2, a #8.5 and finally a #9. In the early years I would ask the students in a workshop class that owned the Townsend cutter what they thought of their investment. To a person, they all agreed it was the best rug hooking money they spent. Your work is only as good as your tools. To rug hook, we don’t need much. You might as well get a well crafted machine that will become an heirloom.


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  1. karen blackdeer says:

    Do you sharpen frazier blades?

  2. karen blackdeer says:

    I meant Fraser blades!

    • No, but sometimes at rug camps or hook-ins there will be a handyman who specializes in sharpening and general adjustments. With the hassle of shipping it is usually easier to just buy a new blade. That is another feature of the Townsend Beeline blades. The design is completely different and the blades do not go dull like they do for the Fraser and Rigby cutters.

  3. sally pierce says:

    Do you ever have any Rigby cutter heads?

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