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Rug Hooked Purse Design

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A few days ago I decided I wanted a new purse to take with me to Teachers’ Workshop. I knew what shape I wanted, but I was struggling with the design. I wanted to include the new rose motif that I have been using in my current rug designs. I could not come up with a design I liked and the clock was ticking. I leave this Sunday so I decided to hook it with a simple geometric pattern instead.

Rug hooked purse before assembly

I have been trying some breathing and meditation techniques. One morning it was like the window to my creativity was flung wide open. Why not include both? I had already hooked one side, but the second side was still blank rug warp.

I drew in the rose and changed the leaves as I hooked and then I filled in with the square background. I love the result.

I had planned to keep this blog strictly for the large rug, but I thought you might enjoy seeing my other projects. This design has spurred a new stair riser pattern for those of you who are hooking the stair riser series.


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  1. The purse design is great…you did good!!! Please don’t keep your blog just for the large rug. I check it often to see what you are up to and I’m sure others are interested too. Lois

  2. Wow Cindi – LOVE your new purse. Hope you’ll share another picture of it when it’s totally finished. And I’m in agreement with Lois – would love to see pictures of ALL your hooking projects!
    Gayle in UT

  3. I just love how you’ve hooked this! Can’t wait to see the finished piece!! I love your color choices!
    blessings, bren

  4. Arlene C Crant says:

    I definitely want to see the finished purse.. I want to do one someday!!

  5. It took a few years to get around to finishing the lining. It has been done for a while. Forgot to post the finished photos. I’ll add that to the to do list.

    • Would really love to see finished purse. It is lovely. Are handles available new somewhere? Or are they “up cycled” from another purse? Thanks so much for your blog. Very instructive and inspiring.

      • I thought I had posted it, but I still need to do that. I’ve added it to the to do list. Luckily I still own it. I’ve offered it for sale at a couple of rug camps last year.