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Rug Hooked Footstool – Prepare the pattern for finishing

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If you haven’t built the footstool yet, get it built and attach the foam BEFORE you cut the edge off your hooking. Test fit your hooking to your stool. There are so many variables that could throw the fit off. If you need to add a row or two, do it now before you cut off the excess. Check how the sides fit and check the length. Pinch and pull it tight. It should fit snug and seem almost too small. We will be adding two rows of hooking at each corner.

Rug hooked footstool seam allowances

Once you confirm the fit, mark with pencil the cut off line on all edges. I use the same width that I use for rugs, 1 1/4 inch for the side seams. You can measure or use my simple cardboard tool. Use this measurement for the SEAM EDGE only. For the LOWER EDGE use 2″. You’ll need more here because you will have to pull and staple the backing to the bottom of the footstool.

Draw a line along the edge. Drawing Straight Lines on your rug hooking backing

Review my post on drawing straight lines on your backing.

Zig Zagging around the edgeZig zag in the area between the hooking and the line you just drew. Cut the backing on the line. Zig zag the edge. I zig zag after I cut because I find it easier to trap all the loose threads. Be patient. This is a deceptively long edge.

Square pocketful hooked by Gail Soileau

Square pocketful hooked by Gail Soileau

Video unavailable

The hard part is now done. In the next step we will sew up the side seams.

Make your own rug hooked footstool

Annie's Flower Power rug hooked footstool by Cindi Gay
I have several rug hooking footstool patterns available. I am posting complete instructions (videos are still being edited) on how to build your own using simple 2x4s, plywood and foam. There is a complete cutting diagram for the wood and the foam. I also have instructions on how to finish your hooking so you can complete your rug hooked footstool.
Here are the list of instructions available so far:
  1. Footstool Construction Material List
  2. Footstool Feet - Where to Get Them
  3. Footstool Feet - Staining
  4. Build the Box
  5. Adding the foam
  6. Preparing the Backing
  7. Sewing up the Sides
  8. Upholstery and Finishing Touches

These instructions are still a rough draft. If you have any questions be sure to ask. I will be adding the videos and updates as I can. Be sure to visit again before you dig into your project so you have the latest information. A PDF with all the instructions in one place will be available for download once I have everything written up and finalized. It is not ready yet.

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  1. Cindi, I’m looking forward to receiving your book. Just received my first newsletter from you today. Can’t wait until you finish your series on footstools. I am technically impaired as is my husband, all thumbs. I will place an order when I can read over the complete instructions. I’ll be looking forward to your .pdf instructions.