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Rug Hooked Footstool Feet – where to get them

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Feet for rug hooked footstool

Square Pocketful rug hooked footstool designed by Kate Porter, hooked by Cindi Gay

Square Pocketful rug hooked footstool designed by Kate Porter, hooked by Cindi Gay


Once you begin hooking on your pattern, order the feet for the footstool so you will have them when your hooking is complete. You can find many sources on the internet. A few are listed below. These feet are 4″ in diameter and 6″ tall which will give you a final footstool height of approximately 16″. They come unfinished and attach by simply screwing them into pre-drilled holes.

I stained mine with Minwax Polyshades. It is a stain and Polyurethane in 1 step. I used several coats. The color I used is Bombay Mahogany Gloss #480, a rich dark color that does not detract from the hooking. I could not find an 8 oz. can this time, which is enough for several stools. The smallest I could find was quart.

You can add a plastic or felt pad on the bottom to protect your floor.

Places to order footstool feet for rug hooked footstool:

Adams Wood Products in Tennessee

I ordered A0558 CONTEMPORARY BUN FEET with Dowel Screw, 6″ height in paint grade from Adams Wood Products. This is the exact same foot that I’ve used on my previous footstools.

Van Dykes Restorers
Woodturners Incorporated

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