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Subscribe! How it works. . .

Subscribe! How it works . . .

Enter your email

I use a service called Feedburner.  If you subscribe to other blogs you are probably familiar with the process. There is no charge for this service.

Enter the squiggly letters

After you enter your email and click the subscribe button, you will see a screen with squiggly letters.  Enter those letters so Feedburner knows you are a human and not a computer (reduces junk emails on my list).  If you cannot read the letters, just guess.  If you get it wrong, you’ll get a second chance.

Now check your email.

You will then see a notice that you will be receiving an email.

Click on the link in your email.

Now check your email for an email from Feedburner.  Depending on your set up you may need to check the spam filter.  Click on the link to confirm your email.

All Done

Read the post or Click on the link

What happens next is usually nothing.  You will not get an email until I post something new.  Could be in one day, a week or a month depending on the time I have available.

You can unsubscribe from any email.  I will not share your email with anyone.  I hate spam as much as you do.  If you have any problems, please call me.  Click on the Contact Me link above.  My phone number is right there.  Yeah, a real live person, unless I am at Wal-Mart.