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Seabee: Flag completed and some lettering started

I needed to simply hook yesterday so I finished the flag.  I am happy with those colors.  For those of you curious, I am using the following wools for the flag:

[store id=43]

White: W27, not on the website yet, but available as of the date of this posting.

Blue: Some prepared pieces available ($3.00 a strip), no yardage.

I also worked on the lettering.  As I explained before I always hook different sections of letters with different wools.  This gives me an idea of how each color will compliment the rug.  I also think I get bored, so by using different colors for the first pass, I get to play.  Lettering is always crisper if you hook it first, hook the background and then rehook the letters.  By the time I am ready to rehook, I’ll know exactly what color(s) to use.

The bee’s green legs are really blending with the yellow on the body.  It has to do more with value than anything else.  I may need to lighten the yellow.  I checked the shelves today and found one that will work, but I am going to try it first for the rope.  I really need to finish the bee wing, the flag behind the bee’s behind and the background under the bee.  When you make decisions to rip out and change out wools too soon you often waste time.  Get it completely hooked.  That is the only way to know for sure.

One possible fix would be to leave the outline around the yellow spaces and change just the fill with a lighter yellow.  In many spots this will be just one row.  It will keep the richness of the current yellow but give a bit of lightness that may help to show up the bee’s arms.

I need to find something for the gun this afternoon.

Seabee: Some color adjustments later. . .

I changed the yellow on the bee to a brighter and darker color.  You can still see my first choice on the head of the bee.  The two stripes on the body are the new color.  Not sure if I will change the line on the flag.  I’ll get background around it before I change it.  Because the rope on the rug is not a focal point, it might be better to have something lighter that will blend slightly into the background.  It makes no sense to change it now.

I started some of the lettering.  I used the gold from my initial choice on the rope because I had it sitting around.  Lettering is always crisper and fresher if you hook it, hook the background around it and then rehook the letters.  Because I will be rehooking it anyways, it really does not matter what color I use.  I typically test out several colors during this process.  Hooking several letters in the possible colors will make it a snap to make the final decision.  Use any colors that come to mind.  Sometimes the least expected choice is the right one.  If you don’t try them all, you will never find the best one.

I’m still not sure on the rope, but I’ll keep trying combinations until I find something that I am happy with.  As I get more done, the combination I have may be just fine.  This is where the you have to “earn the right to rip it out.”  Only when I run out of rope to experiment on will I rip out what I already have hooked.  By then, I will have more of the background hooked so the rope will look different.

Seabee: Color Adjustment

I hooked a bit of each color so I could make adjustments as soon as possible.  This method is not new for me, this is how I hook every new rug.  The exception is my room-sized rug but I had already figured out the colors first by hooking stair risers and footstools.

The blue plaid is not working – it is too dark.  See the area next to the rope on the left.  Luckily, I found an overdyed check that is the right value.  This is hooked across the bottom.  That’ll do.

I’ve tried a few different things with the rope border.  I tried outlining in the dark brown that I am using for the outer background.  If this had worked I would have had to figure out something else for the background in this area.  Still not sure if I have the right combination, but it works for now.  The best part so far is at the lower left next to the new background color.  I don’t have enough hooked to make a decision now.  I’ll have to get more of each background hooked first.

The yellow in the bee needs to be brighter.  I’m also going to grab a few other options for the wings.  I don’t think there will be enough difference when compared to the white stripe in the flag.  I am not hooking the black outline that allows the graphic to work, so I have to adjust the color.

The flag is fine but I will need either a lighter or darker green for the second value for the hat.

Notice how I’ve begun hooking the background.  I hook small curvy lines that remind me of puzzle pieces to make the loops disappear.  By hooking some of the background now, I will have less to hook later.

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