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The IKEA pattern is ready

Well, at least one is. Visit rugcamp.com to buy a downloadable pattern now. Once you print it out (already at the perfect size) just tape it together. Transfer it to backing and start hooking. The course is incomplete, but during the next few weeks I’ll be adding instructions that you can print out and videos […]


What are you looking for in a rug hooking website?

It’s that time of year for me – when I take a close look at my website, clean some things up and add content. This website has been running for over 10 years. I written a lot of posts that can be difficult to find. I’ll be working to clear that up. What have you […]


How to Create Your Own Website – for FREE

This republished via email 2/2/10.  Not sure why.  Sorry for the duplicate. Getting your own website is as simple as going to www.wordpress.com and signing up. From there you can choose from a few options to customize your site and begin creating content. It is as simple as sending an email with an attachment. You […]


How to Hook Faces Posts are Now Part of a Series

I linked the lessons on how I hooked the face for “Southern Woman” into a series.  Please see if you can find the lesson and see the posts in order.  I am not giving much information on purpose.  I want to know how this works from your end. As I organize some of the other […]


Day 444 No hooking going on today

Not much rug hooking planned for today. I am about 1/2 done marking the holidays and should be able to finish that this afternoon. Tonight is the last day of puppy school and Jackson will graduate. I am working on learning a new shopping cart and getting that set up for my website. I think […]


Day 432 Progress stalled, but I am committed

Yesterday Jack went under the knife to become a responsible member of the pet community. Yes, he was neutered. I was nervous so I concentrated on upgrading my website and learning more about CSS layout. It is a lot like training a dog, three steps forward and two back. While I made some real progress […]

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