Had to go back to the old styling to get the pattern dimensions back! Ugghh.

What are you looking for in a rug hooking website?

It’s that time of year for me – when I take a close look at my website, clean some things up and add content. This website has been running for over 10 years. I written a lot of posts that can be difficult to find. I’ll be working to clear that up. What have you […]


How to Create Your Own Website – for FREE

This republished via email 2/2/10.  Not sure why.  Sorry for the duplicate. Getting your own website is as simple as going to www.wordpress.com and signing up. From there you can choose from a few options to customize your site and begin creating content. It is as simple as sending an email with an attachment. You […]


How to Hook Faces Posts are Now Part of a Series

I linked the lessons on how I hooked the face for “Southern Woman” into a series.  Please see if you can find the lesson and see the posts in order.  I am not giving much information on purpose.  I want to know how this works from your end. As I organize some of the other […]


Day 444 No hooking going on today

Not much rug hooking planned for today. I am about 1/2 done marking the holidays and should be able to finish that this afternoon. Tonight is the last day of puppy school and Jackson will graduate. I am working on learning a new shopping cart and getting that set up for my website. I think […]


Day 432 Progress stalled, but I am committed

Yesterday Jack went under the knife to become a responsible member of the pet community. Yes, he was neutered. I was nervous so I concentrated on upgrading my website and learning more about CSS layout. It is a lot like training a dog, three steps forward and two back. While I made some real progress […]

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