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Sauder Village Rug Hooking Camp 2015

My project for Sauder Village Rug Camp is a dog drawn by my grandson, Nick. It will be a stool cover.

Townsend Cutter Update

If you have a Townsend Cutter you love it, but what happens if the one you purchased several years ago does not work as well as it once did?  Bee-line stands behind it! Read this post I found on Gene Sheperd’s blog. Even the Julie, the marketing specialist, has taken up rug hooking so they […]

Inflamatory Breast Cancer – Do you know the symptoms?

This past week I was at the Manistee Rug Camp. I had a great time. I passed out bookmarks from the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is a deadly breast cancer that does not have a lump. Please visit their website to find out more. If you want a bookmark you can get it […]

Day 880 Unexpected Time Off = Rug Hooking Time

Due to possible bad weather later this morning, I canceled the Friday studio class but was able to get a bit of hooking done.  Here’s my progress so far: I added the viney leaves that I added to the rose to the corner flower. I ripped out some of the circles in order to place […]

Rug Hooking Pattern Development – Witch Update

I’ve made some changes to the witch. This is still not the final version, but I thought I would show you where she is going. This process can take weeks or months. I still need to analyze the pattern to be sure it is hookable. This will usually cause a few changes.

New Wool Photos

It has taken several weeks, a ladder, several arrangements of lights and lamps and finally, a new camera. Now I have photos of wool that look more like the actual wool I am selling. I will be adding them frantically. My goal is to have my texture inventory up and running by the first of […]

B12 New England Plaid

I love the look of this wool hooked up. It is warm and dark but still very interesting up close. [wool]

Rug For Sale: The Day After

This Christmas rug was designed for a Rug Hooking Magazine article. The challenge was to hook with only recycled wool without dyeing anything. The rug appeared in the November/December 2003 issue. Rug is 100% wool on cotton rug warp backing. Cut sizes range from #4 -#8. Price: $350.00 Free shipping via USPS Priority. I will […]

How to Set up Your Own Website

Two of the easiest websites to use to set up your own website are www.blogspot.com and www.wordpress.com.   If you can send an email with a photo attachment, you have all the skills you need to add content to your site.  Your web address would be something like www.yourwebsite.blogspot.com or www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com To set up a website that […]

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