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Day 050 Rug hooking all weekend

This entry is part 12 of 35 in the series Room Sized Rug

This weekend my husband and I rented videos and stayed home. I was able to hook for hours and hours. I got a lot done, but I am determined to get to the half-way point (of the center) before I take it off the frame.

The rug is now large enough to drape on the ground as I hook. The cats, Georgia and Gracie, now have enough room to share. Georgia is almost two years old and was a good companion to our elderly dog, Samson. When he passed away over Labor Day weekend she seemed lost, so we adopted Gracie from the shelter. They get along very well and I (almost) don’t miss having a dog around the house.

I should be able to post a full progress shot it a few days.

Day 44 Georgia loves my hooked rugs

This entry is part 11 of 35 in the series Room Sized Rug

Here’s a full shot of the progress on the rug. Whenever it is on the floor, the cats are willing to keep it company.

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