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My son on TV! Watch Bob Gay on Design Star July 11, 2011

My children amaze me. My daughter, Jennifer, is a high school biology and chemistry teacher with three beautiful children. My son, Bob, is a carpenter and lives in NYC. He usually works behind the scenes building sets for CBS. He’s even built some beautiful furniture for the conference room for the Colbert Report. Recently he […]

Sauder Village Hook-in February 11 & 12, 2011

I don’t know about you, but the middle of February is the worst. Sauder Village has announced a hook-in which should brighten up that miserable time of year. I’m not a winter person if you haven’t noticed already. Pam, my Sauder roommate for the last 10 Sauder Village Rug Camps, and I will be attending. […]

West Virginia Tree House by Bob Gay of Trebor Designs

My son, Robert Gay is a carpenter in NYC, but loves the country. This video was posted on Facebook and I had to share it. He is building a tree house in West Virginia. Sorry for the departure from rug hooking. That was hard to watch because I have a problem watching people in high […]

New Dye Book: Dyeing Wool by Karen Schellinger

Looks like this book came out in June 2010, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. I got a phone call tonight from my good friend, Sue Ellen Fox, in Canton, NC. This book is a beautiful cocktail table book. I haven’t seen it yet. Have you? I provided a link below to […]

New website look

I changed the look of the website. If you see anything odd, PLEASE let me know. It is more streamlined behind the scenes, but you should be able to find everything in the same spot as before.  The site should look like the picture below:

Townsend cutter update

BIG News in the Rug Hooking Community! BEE LINE ANNOUNCES AN AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE THE TOWNSEND FABRIC CUTTER. Bee Line Company, of Bettendorf Iowa, is pleased to announce the agreement to acquire the rights to manufacture and market the Townsend fabric cutter from Townsend Industries of Altoona Iowa. The Townsend fabric cutter is the premium […]

Inflamatory Breast Cancer – Do you know the symptoms?

This past week I was at the Manistee Rug Camp. I had a great time. I passed out bookmarks from the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is a deadly breast cancer that does not have a lump. Please visit their website to find out more. If you want a bookmark you can get it […]

Townsend Industries will be Closing!

Our prayers are with you, Sharon. Here is a link to a news article I found. Does anyone know if the cutters will go on?

My new email address

I changed my email address to cindi at cindigay dot com Anything you send to my old address @verizon.net will not be delivered. The one thing they were efficient at was cutting off the email…… You can always reach me through the contact form on my website.

I signed up on facebook.com

OK, I’ll admit I was curious but I never had time for facebook or twitter. It all changed when my daughter told me that she posted video of my granddaughter playing in the band in her first football game. Well, it turns out the only way to see it is to sign up. Cindi Gay […]

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