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The Day After hooked by Pat Mensing, Oak Harbor, OH

rughooking pattern: The Day After

This is the original. I designed this pattern for Pat Mensing. Here is her version of this rug hooking pattern. I love the block border around the outside border. It’s a great way to add interest and to use up those scraps.

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The Day After hooked by Jane Ahler

Day After hooked by Jane Ahler, rug hooking pattern available from cindigay.com

Hooked by Jane Ahler, Mesa, AZ

I received this photo from Jane in April 2010. Sorry it took so long to get it posted, but here it is in time to inspire your Christmas hooking.

I thought you might like to see my finished (finally) version of your Santa Rug from Rug Hooking Magazine 2003. I really enjoyed making it. I love your designs and may hook your “follow the leader” barn/sheep rug next.

Enjoy and hook on, Jane

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Rug Hooking Patterns: The Day After

The Day After hooked rug with Santa, rug hooking pattern designed by Cindi Gay

The Day After

I designed this hooked rug for an article in Rug Hooking Magazine, Nov/Dec 2003. The challenge was to create a Christmas rug using all recycled wool and no commercial dyes. Sounded simple. It was a more difficult challenge than I thought it would be, but designing rug hooking patterns always takes more effort than I expect.

One of my studio students, Pat Mensing, collects feather trees. She told me a story about the trees that influenced the design and she wanted Santa skating. I designed the rug hooking pattern with those elements in mind.

Plaid recycled rug hooking wool

Recycled rug hooking wool used for the border and letters

I did get to use up some plaid recycled wool that everyone probably has in their stash. Some wool I used as is, others I modified by marrying or using penny dyeing. I describe all these methods in my book, Dyeing without Dye.



Santa’s Coat & Hat: 1, some darker strips for arm, leg definition
Trim on coat: 1
Hair: 1 (I used a piece of natural and grey and hooked them together)
Face: 1
Tree: 1
Skates: 1
Letters: 1
Background: 8 or 1/2 yard, possibly a bit more
Border: 7

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