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The Day After hooked by Pat Mensing, Oak Harbor, OH

rughooking pattern: The Day After

This is the original. I designed this pattern for Pat Mensing. Here is her version of this rug hooking pattern. I love the block border around the outside border. It’s a great way to add interest and to use up those scraps. See more hooked examples of the rug hooking pattern, The Day After.


The Day After hooked by Jane Ahler

Day After hooked by Jane Ahler, rug hooking pattern available from

I received this photo from Jane in April 2010. Sorry it took so long to get it posted, but here it is in time to inspire your Christmas hooking. I thought you might like to see my finished (finally) version of your Santa Rug from Rug Hooking Magazine 2003. I really enjoyed making it. I […]


Rug Hooking Patterns: The Day After

The Day After hooked rug

Christmas rug hooking pattern, Santa taking a day off and ice skating with a feather Christmas tree.